Your Love For A Platform Can Make You Rich

How people are making money by teaching about a platform they use with 4 easy steps to help you start

Shreya Badonia
6 min readMay 4, 2021


Renowned Youtuber Matt D’vella is about to launch his YouTube course. With around 3 million subscribers, Matt is known for directing Minimalism, a Netflix documentary, and he makes videos about productivity, minimalism, and lifestyle design.

While trying to understand why everyone was launching their courses to learn how to use a platform, I realized it was not new. Teaching people how to use a social media platform you’re proficient in has been a great income stream for many content creators.

Matt joined the bandwagon of Ali Abdaal, who started teaching people how to create successful YouTube channels with his Part-Time Youtube Academy and Sean Cannell’s Think Media.

But is this trend only confined to YouTube?

You can teach about any platform you love

It’s not only YouTubers who are teaching about YouTube. Many writers are selling courses on making money on Medium and using the platform to earn a living. Eight times top writer on Medium, Anangsha Alammyan, has one such course. She teaches new writers how to make their first $100 on the platform with her course Project Medium. A lot of my friends have benefitted from her course kickstarted their writing careers.

Tim Denning recently launched his LinkedIn Mastery, a course that covers the fundamentals of Linkedin. It also guides people on how to use it to take their career to the next level.

There are people educating newbies about Instagram, Pinterest, Twitch, and many others.

You must be wondering whether you need a massive following and need to be a great writer like Tim? Well, you don’t.

Let’s look at people with less than 10k or >1000 making passive income by teaching about a platform they love to use.

You don't need thousands of followers to begin

Does follower counts matter?

That was the first question I had in mind when I first understood this trend. Digging deeper, I…



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