The Stranger At The Airport Taught Me A Lifelong Lesson

Kindness is our most attractive quality

Shreya Badonia


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A few years back, I was flying from Delhi to Bangalore for work.

My eyes rested on this fine gentleman clad in smart casuals at the airport — waiting in the queue. I usually don’t get swooned by men, but this guy had something about him that made me looked at him for a tad longer.
Apart from the fact that he was attractive, he was also finely dressed. Since I was studying styling, it made me give him some brownie points for his ensemble.

The guy must have been in his mid-20s. He appeared alluring because he had no idea how calm he looked in the queue with terrified and restless faces.

After a few minutes of looking at random strangers to pass my time, I thought of being productive and read my Jeffery Archer novel.

As I boarded the plane, I found the guy from the airport right behind me.

We were flying on the same flight.

I was annoyed because I hadn’t got a window seat and had to manage with the aisle. But the guy happened to be sitting precisely two seats ahead of me across the row. The sitting arrangement allowed me to have a clear view of him, which I wasn’t looking forward to.

My seatmates were both ready with their neck pillows to sleep. To keep myself occupied, I took out my novel and tried to engross myself in the story of Kane and Abel.

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The airport stranger was also sitting at the aisle seat, which he shared with an old couple.

Halfway through the flight, the old lady sitting next to the airport stranger got sick. She was unable to breathe and was struggling. The older man, her husband, checked her breath and tried to fix the fan above for ventilation.

By the time he could do anything else, this gentleman called the air hostess and asked her to see if there’s any doctor on board.

This news went straight to the cabin, and an announcement was made. Luckily, a doctor was present on the…



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