Enjoy Being Alone

Be self-sufficient

Shreya Badonia
2 min readSep 27, 2020


Being alone is an ethereal feeling!

I live alone. I am down with fever as I write this blog. I went to get some medicines yesterday and gulp them without showing any tantrums.

I don’t wait for anyone to tell me to have medicine or get me juice or chocolate after taking them. I do everything for myself.

I did feel that I need someone to take care of me but hell yeah I can take care of myself.

These few days teach me how strong I am. How courageous it is to live in a city where you only have a handful of friends and the only person you can depend on is YOURSELF.

Not many people can do that, but it’s extremely important to live alone and taste that freedom to grow in life. Life teaches the most important lessons when you’re out of your comfort zone, and I love challenging myself every day!


I wake up whenever I want, thanks to flexible office timings.

Roaming in the same Tshirt I wore last week and not worrying about how gross it may look. I eat alone and saves a lot of time in gossiping and deciding what to eat.

I buy my groceries and carry them home all by myself (never went to a grocery store when I was home). All these things make me realize how blessed I am to have a family who never made me realize that you have to move your ass to get even the smallest job done.

But now when I have to do these things for myself, I feel like I control my life. I make my own decisions. I am self-sufficient.

Doing everything I never did gives me a lot of confidence and if there’s one thing I would want to tell youngsters who are still living with their parents, is to move out and see what life really is.

Don’t cling onto the cocoon your parents created for you because it’s not going to teach you anything.

Live alone to see the truest colors of life and the real version of yourself.

For me living alone is a gruesomely amazing experience. I actually love being on my own even on these not so good days :)

I wrote this piece before the pandemic, I am currently home with my family, and I advise you to do the same.



Shreya Badonia

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