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How Beeple can teach us not to rush in our creative pursuits and how overnight success stories never are what they seem

Beeple on Reddit

The first time I heard about NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), I thought it was another bubble, and people will forget about it in a day or two.

But I was wrong.

When I fully understood its concept and how it helped artists monetize their art, I was hooked. A few days later, I heard the news about how an artist managed to sell his art for $69 million.

Many weren’t happy about the fact and called it insane. The artist that sold that painting was Michael Winkelman (known professionally as Beeple), and the painting was “Everydays — The First 5000 Days.”

Make the world accept you for who you are


Personal Monopoly, termed by David Perell, is the epicenter of a personal brand. It’s the unique intersection of your skills, talent, and experiences that allows us to carve your path in the overflooded world of the internet.

In his book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, Scott Adams, founder of Dilbert comics, talks about two valuable ways to become invaluable to the world. The first one is to the Lebron James of your craft, i.e., to be the best at what you do. …

A guide to taking control of your happiness by using the psychology of positive triggers

Photo by Tabitha turner on Unsplash

I used to think that working hard and making more money is the only way towards happiness. For most of my life, I procrastinated on satisfaction by waiting for extraordinary events and worldly success.

There was always something I was eyeing on, and that thing had me controlled. Studying engineering wasn’t my first choice, but I had to go for it like every other Indian kid in the earlier 2010s. Most of my days during college were spent waiting to get out of college. Nothing seemed to make me happy. Even when I got the golden chance to skip engineering…

What’s worth more — time or money?

Image from Rawpixel

I have been fascinated by the concept of time.

If we dig a tad deeper, we’ll know that almost everything in life is about time. We work hard to achieve our dreams to get to a time where we feel accomplished; we wait for holidays to spend time with our loved ones. In fact, our life is the time we are here or

Life = Time we are alive

Before I had this realization, I spent my time like I was going to live for a thousand years. I was saying yes to everything and everyone; I was always available…

The only thing under our control is what we can do now — this moment.


In a scene from Avengers Infinity War, Dr. Strange watches all the possible futures to determine which possibility will make them win against Thanos. He sleeplessly tells Tony, aka Ironman, they have only one way to win the endgame.

It was one of the most powerful scenes from MCU’s Avengers movies, and the depth of it was felt until the very last scene of the Avengers Endgame.

What I found intriguing was how Dr. Strange and Tony knew they only had one chance to save the world from Thanos — one chance in 14 million 605 possibilities. …

I borrowed the technique from my reading process to stay consistent with writing


As a writer, consistency is one of the challenges that all writers face. As someone writing on the side with a full-time job, I find it terribly hard to stay consistent. I intend to write for 40 minutes after work, but often I am too exhausted to put the words down.

When you have missed a few days, it becomes even harder to get back on track. To avoid this very situation of long breaks not publishing any new work, I have found a method that helps me stay consistent and keep the momentum going.

The method is inspired by…

Lifestyle Design

Are we using our phone, or is the phone using us?

Photo by Sumeet Singh on Unsplash

As a marketing designer and a content creator, most of my time is spent on my laptop. As a result, my work and leisure have been limited to 13x15 inches screen.

When I started writing on Medium, I was obsessed with checking my stats. I’d check my stats at least 30 times a day on worst days. It made me anxious and wasted a lot of time. I’d also check my emails first thing in the morning and see how many followers I have gained overnight.

90% of the time, I was using the phone because of companies or people.

Lessons from Gita and why I will keep reading this book


I had grown up hearing stories of Mahabharata and had attempted to read this book in my early 20s. Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue it after several pages. I didn’t dare to pick it up again after that.

To keep me sane amidst the prolonged lockdown, I decided to read this give this masterpiece another try. So I decided to read it for 15 minutes every day in February and March.

To my surprise, I was fully invested and couldn’t keep it down this time. …

Image by

Think about how many original thinkers you follow.

Everyone is sharing lessons from Elon, Bezos, and numerous podcasts.

We are sharing ideas from books and famous people.

You see more of such posts because they perform well, but novelty always gets unnoticed. People don’t like new ideas and philosophies. All brains work in that manner.

Still, you can always choose what you consume.

Originality or overused cliché?

To make sure you’re following original thinkers and creators, look at the ideas that they are sharing.

You’ll have to ignore the numbers when you’re doing this exercise because humans follow others to…

with pros and cons

Image of the author edited by the author

I have spent most of my 20s exploring the possibility of myself and my life.

In college, I tried all sorts of careers, from attending seminars and events to learn about various domains. I interned under international brands and tried my hand in things I never imagined myself pursuing, like event decoration and fashion styling for TVCs.

Creativity happens to be my core value, and it has an essential place in my life, just like my relationships. Even when I was in a relationship, I had given myself enough space to experiment with art and engage in various creative endeavors.

Shreya Badonia

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