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Make the world accept you for who you are

Personal Monopoly, termed by David Perell, is the epicenter of a personal brand. It’s the unique intersection of your skills, talent, and experiences that allows us to carve your path in the overflooded world of the internet.

In his book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, Scott Adams, founder of Dilbert comics, talks about two valuable ways to become invaluable to the world. The first one is to the Lebron James of your craft, i.e., to be the best at what you do. …

A guide to taking control of your happiness by using the psychology of positive triggers

I used to think that working hard and making more money is the only way towards happiness. For most of my life, I procrastinated on satisfaction by waiting for extraordinary events and worldly success.

There was always something I was eyeing on, and that thing had me controlled. Studying engineering wasn’t my first choice, but I had to go for it like every other Indian kid in the earlier 2010s. Most of my days during college were spent waiting to get out of college. Nothing seemed to make me happy. Even when I got the golden chance to skip engineering…

What’s worth more — time or money?

I have been fascinated by the concept of time.

If we dig a tad deeper, we’ll know that almost everything in life is about time. We work hard to achieve our dreams to get to a time where we feel accomplished; we wait for holidays to spend time with our loved ones. In fact, our life is the time we are here or

Life = Time we are alive

Before I had this realization, I spent my time like I was going to live for a thousand years. I was saying yes to everything and everyone; I was always available…

We all need it every now and then.

The internet has given us a chance to be creative and share our craft with the world. It has made people more creative and pushed them to explore different creative professions like never before.

Lately, I have been meeting a lot of people who have a side hustle aka a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel. The one thing that most of them complain about is staying motivated. As someone who’s been creating content consistently for a couple of years, I understand those days when we feel dejected and uninspired.

It happens to me all the time. Although I…

A poem about the unexplainable

Mystery of life
teaching you new drills
every day and night

Mystery of life
gives some plenty
some crave until they die

Mystery of life
makes your friends disappear
and turn strangers into lovers

Mystery of life
confers you victory when you fail
makes you comfortable when in pain

Mystery of life
leaves you perplexed and baffled
not knowing what’s lies before and after

Mystery of life
is knowing why you’re laughing out loud
when you broke and dead from inside

Mystery of life
is waiting for a new life
while strangling the one that's alive

Mystery of life remains…

After years of contemplation, I finally have an answer

Life is a journey of self-discovery.

I can say these words confidently today, but I had no idea what they meant a few years back.

Life, back then, was a routine job.

I thought it was supposed to be that way — doing what everyone else was doing and living like everyone else was living. In the initial years, I did my best to live up to the benchmark set by my parents and society.

My previous lifestyle involved no risk-taking, no experiments, and blindly following some random people’s footsteps.

It was going well, but I wasn’t satisfied.

While I…

Twitter is one of the greatest tools for writers

I had no idea why the world was crazy about Twitter until I started using it last year. I was amazed by the amount of knowledge you can gain and how easy it was to get into a person's mind on the platform.

During the initial weeks, I read tweets from various topics — varying from celebs to bloggers to founders. It was a breath of fresh air, especially after hopelessly scrolling through Instagram for hours.

The fact that only words rule the realm of Twitter makes it the easiest and accessible platform to use. …

Clearing doubts about the most confusing writing advice

The one writing tip that gets shared every day is to write every day.

Every writer hears it every time they seek advice from established and well-known writers. I took this advice personally and forced myself to write and publish every day for several weeks. Every time the clock hit 9 pm, I would rush to finish an article to complete my quota for the day.

It was challenging to keep pace with my 9–5. I was doing all the writing after hitting the sack and before sleeping, and the time was not enough to edit and publish the article.

A poem about finding meaning

What do I do with so much suffering?
You transmit that pain in your words.

What do I do with the loneliness?
You fill the room with the air of home.

What do I do with the river of tears falling from my eyes?
You fill it in jars and fill the oceans.

What do I do with all the memories?
You keep them in your journals and turn them into stories.

What do I do with the empty canvas?
You paint in with the color of your madness.

What do I do with the old photo albums?
You keep them to remind yourself of the forgotten days.

What do I do with all these dreams?
You live life like they’re going to come alive.

What do I do with so much love?
You give away like it’s sand on the shore.

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