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The first time I heard about NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), I thought it was another bubble, and people will forget about it in a day or two.

But I was wrong.

When I fully understood its concept and how it helped artists monetize their art, I was hooked. …

Woman Seated on a Sofa (1865–1915) by Walter Crane. Original from The MET Museum.

I have read 200+ self-help books in my life.

I survived my ugly torturous teens reading them. They made me believe in a life that was possible beyond the suffering, and I could choose to build a new one.

In the past few years, I have had goals to read…

Image by rawpixel.com edited by the author.

This year has been the best for my writing.

I achieved more than I had imagined — the top writer tags, Medium bonuses, and uncountable love from my readers. I am grateful and motivated to continue this momentum.

To ensure that next year turns out better than this one, I…

Shreya Badonia

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