3 Self-Care Practices That Offend People But You Should Do It Anyway

Tough choice but this is how you live at your terms

Shreya Badonia
4 min readFeb 27, 2022


A man standing in the sea (1899) by Edward Penfield. Original from The New York Public Library

The meaning of self-care has changed over the past few decades.

From eating green to walking in the sun; to avoiding screen and not losing your mind – it's mental and emotional now.

Lessons taught in schools and parents no longer serve the needs of the information era.

Here's an updated list of self-care tips that will offend people, but if you're not brutal, you'll fall into the trap.

Not Being Available For People 24x7

I'd get anxiety attacks if I didn't reply to people within a few hours of receiving their texts. Even if that means I reply while eating, working, or sacrificing my sleep.

Not replying felt like an offense I could be jailed for.

People would think I am an asshole.

Despite being available for people, I couldn't be there for many.

Learning that my time is limited, my family and growth became my top priority.

I focused on being present wherever I was and with whatever I was doing. It made me use email and WhatsApp for 30 mins a day.

Whatever wasn't acknowledged in those 30 mins would carry forward to the next.

Life ever since has become so much better. People may not get access to me, but I have full access to my time.

If you reply to all the messages and emails, you might not get time to spend with your family and take care of your mental health.

This also taught me how important things would get to you, and the rest will trickle down.

Respecting Your Time

I have a personal philosophy that the time we're alive is nothing but our life. So, you have no time = you have no life.

Why don't we treat it that way, then?

Once I began living these words and ran such experiments, I became ruthless about my life. It killed me initially but taught me the relationship between time and life.



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